I’m a tech journalist with extensive experience in writing for online and print audiences. I produce cutting edge news stories, in-depth articles on complex technology topics and also enjoy writing strongly opinionated columns and editorials.

My main beats are information security and open source technologies such as Linux and web application frameworks. I also regularly write about video games and science fiction.

You can download my resume or read a bit more about my employment history and some of my work right here on this page.

The H

I’ve been a professional journalist since 1 March 2012, when I started to work as a content editor for the tech news website The H in London. The website for The H has been defunct since its closure in July 2013, but you can still find examples of my work on there under my shorthand fab. This is the final story I wrote for them. I also wrote three stories that made it into the top ten of the all-time most popular stories on the site: Two news stories (about an e-voting hack and Google switching to HTTPS for its search) and a feature article about Linux desktops.

Heise Media

After The H closed its doors, I moved from London to Hanover and became an editor for c’t magazine and heise online. I’ve been working there since 1 September 2013. I’ve written a myriad news stories, articles and columns for heise online – in fact, because of changes in the site infrastructure the search can’t find them all. Here’s a concise list for the year 2017 and the year 2018 so far. I’ve also written many news stories, articles and editorials in print for c’t magazine.

Aside from writing, I have co-founded – and named – heise’s successful video podcast c’t uplink which I’ve also regularly hosted for the last four-and-a-half years. Because of my writings, I’ve been a prime time interview guest on most of Germany’s major TV stations – including ARD, ZDF, RTL and SAT.1 – concerning a wide variety of tech topics. I appear regularly on local and national radio shows and I’ve been giving talks and workshops for the police, C-level executives and fellow journalists.

In May 2017 I switched roles at Heise and started working exclusively for a newly formed, enlarged newsdesk at heise online. As part of this new role, I coordinate the news content for the whole security and operating systems section of the site – which includes the infosec, open source and Windows beats.

Side Projects

In my free time, I’ve been producing English and German language podcasts for over ten years now. You can find these at my podcast network Sixgun Productions. I have a well-equipped home studio and the ability to record radio-quality content locally or with remote guests over the internet. With Linux Outlaws, I co-created one of the most popular open source podcasts. Among many other things, this project gave rise to the OggCamp community conference, which has been running since 2009.

Fabian A. Scherschel Written by: Fabian A. Scherschel

Fab is a freelance tech journalist and podcaster from Hamburg, Germany. You can hire him.