Springsteen’s new album Letter To You is out. I’d missed it because I’ve been pretty busy. I’m not completely sure what to think of it yet. Well aside from what a shame it is that we have an E Street album and there’s no way for the boys to go on tour with it.

What I can say is that the Song for Orphans is an instant classic. Probably because it was originally written for Born to Run.

Now don’t you grow on empty legends or lonely cradle songs
Billy the Kid was just a bowery boy who made a living twirling his guns
The night she’s long and lanky and she speaks in a mother tongue
She lullabies the refugees with an amplifier’s hum

So break me now big Mama as Old Faithful breaks the day
Believe me my good Linda, the aurora will shine the way
The Confederacy’s in my name now, the hounds are held at bay
The axis needs a stronger arm, do you feel your muscles play