Give Me Telecasters, Let Them Rock (Part 2)

I recently discovered The Steel Woods, a band I had never heard about before and whose music is brilliant and exactly what I need right now.

Give Me Telecasters, Let Them Rock (Part 1)

Through his association with The Steel Woods, I’ve discovered another outlaw country music artist called Cody Jinks. He used to front a metal band before he gave that up to play the music of his youth and find success. He released his first full album in 2010 and his tenth album was just released.

Being from Fort Worth, he has the Texas accent I enjoy very much. That accent is one of the reasons I’ve listened to an absolute shit-ton of Billy Joe Shaver over the last few years. That and Shaver’s excellent songwriting. Cody Jinks sees himself in the tradition of Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash and he certainly lives up to those high ideals. His songwriting rivals Billy Joe’s, which is about as good as it gets this side of Bob Dylan. And his Telecaster absolutely slaps. Plus, that backing band of his, the Tonedeaf Hippies, are a thing to behold. His lyrics are as intelligent as the stuff The Steel Woods are rocking. And, as an added bonus, Jinks’ vocal range is a lot more along my usual preferences. And what a voice he has!

They guy looks more like a metal or hard rock guitarist than a country frontman, but he definitely has the country in his blood. You can’t fake it. Not like that. I just wish there were more live shows of his on the web. Hell, if we ever get concerts again and this guy comes anywhere near Germany, I’m there in a heartbeat. Just LISTEN to this guy…

Cody Jinks – Loud and Heavy (Adobe Sessions Unplugged)

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