I’ve got the following plan for the next few episode releases of my podcast The Private Citizen, which should get me back up to this year’s schedule of the four episodes a month that I’ve promised for the show:

The Private Citizen 91, 20 October 2021: Bugs in our Pockets

  • Bugs in our Pockets: The Risks of Client-Side Scanning — Whitfield Diffie of Diffie-Hellman fame (co-invented public-key crypto), Ronald Rivest co-invented RSA, Steven M. Bellovin co-invented encrypted key exchange and is credited with inventing the firewall, Josh Benaloh invented the Benaloh cryptosystem, Jon Callas is one of the founders of PGP Inc. and co-founder of Silent Circle, Peter Neumann is the editor of the RISK Digest, Carmela Troncoso was the main author of the original DP-3T paper, Bruce Schneier, Matt Blaze and Ross Anderson are well-known crypto and security experts

The Private Citizen 92, 25 October 2021: CIA vs. WikiLeaks

The Private Citizen 93, 27 October 2021: iOS Do Not Track

I also have the following topics on my list, which I want to cover as soon as possible in further episodes (I might do an episode where I lump a couple of smaller topics together, too):