When I tell people that you can learn a lot while playing video games, I invariably get laughed at. But it is true. Today, for example, from a World of Warships promotion, I learned about Unsinkable Sam, a cat that reportedly survived three ship sinkings, sailing during World War II with the Kriegsmarine and the Royal Navy.

Sam first survived the sinking of German battleship Bismarck and got picked up by the crew of the destroyer HMS Cossack. When Cossack sank, Sam survived that too and got transferred to the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. Which was of course sunk by U-81. After that, Sam spent the rest of his life ashore, which was just as well, as he’d probably expended enough of his nine lives at sea.

Sam survived the war and lived to be 14 years old. There’s even a portrait of him at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.