The Discord Server

I run a Discord community server where listeners of my podcasts, viewers of my streams and readers of my articles can gather and discuss my work. Or whatever else they find interesting. Discord is a kind of modern internet relay chat (IRC). It runs in a browser and has apps for almost every operating system. You can also use it to voice and video chat and stream games to your friends. We’ve build a pretty nice little place there over the years.

If you don’t understand where I am coming from or if my viewpoints seem weird to you, this is an excellent place to get to know me better. Most people who do, quickly discover that I’m actually a pretty nice guy.

If you are interested in joining us, click this link to do so.

You will be invited to the server in the browser or your Discord app (if you have one installed). Beware: There will be swear words. We also don’t have many rules and certainly no code of conduct. I only ask that you use your head and a modicum of common sense. Anything too annoying, disgusting and/or illegal in Germany will get you kicked off the server permanently, of course. Act according to the categorical imperative and you should be fine.