Having failed National Novel Writing Month badly in 2018, I’m back for more punishment this year.

After the spectacular failure of my attempt at National Novel Writing Month in 2018, I’m giving it another shot this year. I’m still working on the same novel, but since I’ve reworked almost all of my initial ideas and rough story outlines, I am, for all intends and purposes, starting from scratch.

This marks the third time I’m doing NaNoWriMo. I won it in 2011, when I was still at university in Bonn, but preceeded to bin that novel. This time I’m hoping 50,000 words written over the month of November will bring me a step closer to something people will eventually, some day, be happy to read.

As a freelancer, I am now able to actually spend some time on this. I thus have somewhat of a realistic chance to actually write 1667 words each day. With hindsight it was utter madness to even try last year, what with an overseas holiday and a major job transition looming on the horizon.

Anyway, let’s let the past be the past and concentrate on the present challenge. Right now, I have 3499 words written for this manuscript, which is pretty good. Wish me luck that I can keep it up!

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