I’ve moved my newsletter archives from the blog to its own pages. I’ve also renamed the thing.

Just a quick heads-up that I won’t be posting my newsletter on the blog anymore. I felt like it was cluttering up the timeline too much. Don’t panic though, I’m still archiving it on this site. If you go to my newsletter information page, you will find a link to yearly archive pages right there. This is the page for the running year for example. Those yearly archive pages also have links to RSS feeds, of course. Now, if you subscribe by email, you get the newsletter much earlier and it will be delivered right into your inbox. You also make me happy because if you sign up, I see that you care.

I’ve also taken this opprortunity to rename the newsletter from The Truth to FOXTROT/ALFA. I’ve received a few emails from people who found the old name confusing and I’ve decided to take this feedback on board. Why FOXTROT/ALFA? Because “Foxtrot Alfa Bravo” was too long and “fab.industries Newsletter” too boring. Besides, it sounds cool and I like it.

These two changes won’t impact the content of my newsletter at all. From the subscriber numbers and sporadical feedback emails, I’m gathering that people like it as it is. Which is great. If you haven’t looked at it, why not check it out? I spent about an hour each weekday putting it together and it’s free.

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