The Private Citizen 38: Immunity Passports

Immunity passports are a bad idea. Here’s why.
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The Private Citizen 37: Unsecure Restaurant Contact Tracing Lists

The latest episode of my privacy podcast deals with the horribly written software that is used to store people’s contact data. Data that they are forced to hand over whenever visiting a restaurant here in Germany these days.
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Kara Swisher is one of the best know techy business journalists in the US. She is now also a podcaster (who isn’t these days?) and was in fact on stage with Steve Jobs when he unveiled podcasting to the world in 2005 by playing the beginning of an episode of Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code.

Her first reaction to hearing her first podcast? Asking how to censor it.


Corona Chronicles

A look back at some podcast episodes I released as this whole COVID-19 crisis developed.
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Coronavirus and Our Civil Liberties

The coronavirus outbreak is opening a new and worrisome front in the battle for our privacy. I’m providing coverage on my privacy-focused podcast on as much of it as I can.
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Computer Says Jail

Are you aware of geofence warrants? If not, I’ve got a podcast episode for you.
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Google’s GDPR Evasion in the UK

Sick of Coronavirus news? Haven’t listened to older episodes of The Private Citizen? How about this idea, then?
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Misunderstandings about TLS and Privacy

Catching up with some of the recent episodes of my data privacy podcast.
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Private Sector Surveillance Bleeding into Government

When the government isn’t allowed to spy on you using cell tower data, it just goes to an advertising company and buys location data from apps. That’s the reality we live in.
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Electronic Voting is a Threat to Democracy

Why electronic voting is a very bad idea.
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