Hello there!

I’m Fab, a freelance journalist and podcaster from Düsseldorf. Welcome to my website.

On these pages, I keep a personal blog filled with commentary on topics that I care about. It’s updated quite regularly with photos, links and short notes about the things I’m working on. I also write a longform newsletter on technology and policy topics, which you can subscribe to for free. You can also read its back issues on the blog.

Since the summer of 2006, I’ve been producing a number of different podcasts. I’m probably most known for previous shows such as Linux Outlaws, which at one time was the most downloaded Linux podcast around, and Geek News Radio which still has an active community of friends and like-minded people. These days, I host a weekly politics and privacy show called The Private Citizen. You can find out more about my podcasting on the podcasts page.

I’ve been writing professionally about Linux, open source software, Windows, information security, privacy and geek entertainment since March 2012, when I started my journalism career for the tech news website The H in London. Since then, my writing has appeared in Europe’s largest IT magzine c’t and on Germany’s premier tech news website heise online. After almost seven years as a reporter and editor on a number of publications, I decided to quit my job and strike out as a freelancer in 2019. As a freelancer, my writing has appeared in Golem, Verbraucherblick and several regional newspapers. Since January 2021, I have a weekly tech column in the northern German newspaper Ostfriesen-Zeitung, which is read by about 40,000 people. Head over to the writings page for a list of some of my recent stories – this does not include content I have ghostwritten for others or paid translation work.

In recent times, I’ve hosted a number on-stage events and online webinars for several clients. I’ve also consulted with companies on a number of topics ranging from electronic publishing to podcasting. If you want to hire me for paid writing or translation gigs, to host an event or to do in-house training on things I’ve written about, please use the contact details provided on the about page.

Please note: This website has separate sections for English and German content. You can switch between both sides of the site with the language menu in the main site navigation.