New media, new rules

Welcome to FAB INDUSTRIES, the home of journalist, author and podcaster Fabian A. Scherschel. I write things, produce podcasts, teach people and host events.

On this website, I keep a personal blog filled with commentary on topics that I care about. It’s updated quite regularly with photos, links and short notes about the things I’m working on. I also write a semi-regular newsletter on technology and policy topics from the viewpoint of a veteran journalist.

I’ve been recording podcasts since 2006. To English-speaking audiences, I’m probably best known for Linux Outlaws, which at one time was the most downloaded Linux podcast on the planet. German podcast listeners probably know me from c’t Uplink, which I named and used to co-host for quite a while. You can find information about my current project The Private Citizen on the podcast page.

Since 2019, I have been working as a freelance journalist. I have more than ten years of professional experience with writing about very complicated topics for large audiences in both English and German. If you want to know more about what I am working on right now, visit my now page. If you want to hire me as a writer, podcast producer, trainer or event host, please contact me via the about page.

Please note: This website has separate sections for English and German content. You can switch between both sides of the site in the menu of the main site navigation.