Retro Achievements

A list of my Retro Achievements.
Last updated: 31 January 2024, 23:17 CET

Final Fantasy Adventure / Mystic Quest (Game Boy)

13/50 (26%)

Fall to Earth (RA #28942)
"Escape from the Glaive Empire"

Damsel in Distress (RA #28943)
"Rescue the girl"

Pearl of Wisdom (RA #28944)
"Meet Bogard and get your first mattock"

Rest and Heal Your Wounds (RA #28945)
"Rest at Kett's and learn the Cure spell"

Mysterious Marsh Man (RA #28946)
"Recruit the mysterious man dressed like a bard"

Hail Hydra! (RA #28945)
"Defeat the Hydra"

RIP Christopher Lee (RA #29002)
"Kill the vampire and save the girl (again)"

Squire (RA #29078)
"Reach Level 10"

You Spoony Bard! (RA #29003)
"Learn the true identity of the mysterious man dressed like a bard"

The World is Mine (RA #29004)
"Recruit Watts after falling (again) in the mines"

I Taste Like (Silver) Chicken (RA #29005)
"Venture through the Gaia Pass and get some help"

I Believe I Can Fly... (RA #29006)
"Fall from the airship"

Familiar Feathered Friend (RA #29022)
"Find a chocobo"