Retro Achievements

A list of my Retro Achievements.
Last updated: 27 March 2024, 09:06 CET

Secret of Mana (Super Nintendo)

9/85 (10%)

Voices in my Head (RA #18017)
"Find and obtain your very first sword"

Born to Be a Hero (RA #18018)
"Defeat mantis in Potos village and obtain sword orb"

The Old Sage Gift (RA #18019)
"Obtain the spear from sage Luka"

Main Dish of the Day (RA #3111)
"Be the dinner for goblins while leaving the water palace for the first time"

The Famous Rabiteman Show (RA #18048)
"Enjoy the famous rabiteman with the bankrupted fairy show in Dwarf Village"

The Bankrupted Fairy (RA #3110)
"Have the sprite join your party"

Axe to Grind (RA #18049)
"Obtain the Axe from the Dwarfs"

The Night of the Triffids (RA #18020)
"Solo tropicallo at the Dwarf village"

The Magic Rope (RA #18047)
"Obtain the Magic Rope"

Final Fantasy Adventure / Mystic Quest (Game Boy)

50/50 (100%)

Fall to Earth (RA #28942)
"Escape from the Glaive Empire"

Damsel in Distress (RA #28943)
"Rescue the girl"

Pearl of Wisdom (RA #28944)
"Meet Bogard and get your first mattock"

Rest and Heal Your Wounds (RA #28945)
"Rest at Kett's and learn the Cure spell"

Mysterious Marsh Man (RA #28946)
"Recruit the mysterious man dressed like a bard"

Hail Hydra! (RA #28945)
"Defeat the Hydra"

RIP Christopher Lee (RA #29002)
"Kill the vampire and save the girl (again)"

Squire (RA #29078)
"Reach Level 10"

You Spoony Bard! (RA #29003)
"Learn the true identity of the mysterious man dressed like a bard"

The World is Mine (RA #29004)
"Recruit Watts after falling (again) in the mines"

I Taste Like (Silver) Chicken (RA #29005)
"Venture through the Gaia Pass and get some help"

I Believe I Can Fly... (RA #29006)
"Fall from the airship"

Familiar Feathered Friend (RA #29022)
"Find a chocobo"

To Infinity, and Beyond! (RA #29023)
"Learn the secret of the oasis in Jadd"

Mercy (RA #29058)
"Save Amanda from succumbing to the bite of Medusa and collect her tears"

Mystic Tune?! Yeah! (RA #29059)
"Recruit Lester"

Your Pendant is in Another Castle (RA #29060)
"Defeat Davias"

Balls of Steel (RA #29061)
"Equip the the Morning Star"

Knight (RA #29079)
"Reach Level 25"

Return of the Gemma (RA #29062)
"Return to the Glaive Empire on a rescue mission"

I Am (Not) Your Father (RA #29063)
"Defeat the Dark Lord"

Glaive Strikes Back (RA #29064)
"Leave the Glaive Empire... again"

The Way of the Warrior (RA #29081)
"Level up your Power to 50"

Kevin's Worst Nightmare (RA #29086)
"Equip the Were Axe"

Drink the Blood of My Enemies (RA #29087)
"Equip the Blood Sword"

Chocobo 2.0 (RA #29065)
"Meet Dr. Bowow and witness the next step in chocobo evolution"

The Way of the Tank (RA #29083)
"Level up your Stamina to 50"

Defroster (RA #29066)
"Defeat Kary"

Wow, You're Rich! (RA #29085)
"Collect 50,000 GP"

The Way of the Monk (RA #29084)
"Level up your Willpower to 50"

Who's Your Octo-Daddy Now? (RA #29067)
"Defeat the Kraken"

Gemma Knight (RA #29080)
"Reach Level 50"

Duck Hunter (RA #29088)
"Equip the Zeus Axe"

Through the Fire and Flames (RA #29068)
"Defeat Iflyte and obtain the Rusty Sword"

Meltdown (RA #29069)
"Defeat the Lich and obtain the Nuke Magic"

Sierra's Blade (RA #29089)
"Equip the Dragon Sword"

Rise of the Robots (RA #29070)
"Recruit Marcie"

Larc's Leathers (RA #29090)
"Equip the Dragon Armor and Dragon Shield"

Robots Can't Jump (RA #29071)
"Return to the Glaive Empire for the last time"

War is Hell (RA #29093)
"Kill an innocent boy in the streets of Wendel after Glaive's invasion of the city"

The Way of the Wizard (RA #29082)
"Level up your Wisdom to 50"

Samurai Style (RA #29091)
"Equip the best armor and helm"

Dragon Slayer (RA #29072)
"Defeat every dragon in the Mana shrine"

Poacher (RA #29092)
"Equip the best shield"

I've Got the Power! (RA #29073)
"Brandish the Mana Sword, Excalibur, after it is restored"

Duel to the Death (RA #29074)
"Defeat Julius"

The Real Meaning of Power (RA #29075)
"Defeat Julius after his Mana-fueled transformation"

The End of Everything (RA #29076)
"Defeat the Mana Tree after it is corrupted by Julius"

Timber!!! (RA #29094)
"Land the final blow on the Mana Tree with an axe"

Legacy of Mana (RA #29077)
"Restore the Mana Tree and see the end screen"