Immunity passports are a bad idea. Here’s why.

I’m currently preparing for a bit of a hiatus of my weekly privacy podcast The Private Citizen while I move house from Hamburg to Düsseldorf. As part of that, I’m trying to get out as many episodes beforehand as I can. Today, I’ve released one on the concept of immunity passports, something I wanted to do for a while.

In this episode, I discuss where the idea came from and why it’s cropping up again now. But more importantly, what the problems with it are. And those are many. Ranging from the obvious privacy concerns to the threat of discrimination. Many so-called experts will tell you that those problems can be overcome with just the right technology in the mix, but that’s pretty much all bullshit. If you want to know why, listen to the podcast.

I’m aiming to put another episode out before the hiatus, hopefully some time next week. I guess we’ll see if I can get it done amongst all this other crap that has to be taken care of. Until you here from me again, aim to misbehave!

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