I hope you’re doing well and you’ll join me on the blog for another year of exciting stories from my life of freelancing in 2022.

Hello, friend! I hope you’ve had a good Christmas, spent time with your family or managed to otherwise relax during the last few days!

As you can probably tell by the absence of content on this blog, I’ve been very busy lately. Especially my third SARS-CoV-2 vaccination knocking me out cold for five days threw my schedule completely into shambles and has forced me to work all though the holiday break. But other than that, I am great. Head a very good Christmas in Hamburg and I’m looking forward to New Year’s Eve, even if there won’t be any fireworks for some silly reasons I don’t completely understand.

I hope you have a good New Year’s, hopefully with friends and some drinks and I’ll see you in 2022 for more exciting stories from my life as a freelance journalist. 2022 will be the fourth year of this endeavour and I’ll also celebrate ten years of being a professional journalist in March. Exciting times ahead!

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Header image credit: Antonio Gabola