An update on what’s happening in my life and why I haven’t been around as much.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been posting much on the blog recently. In fact, I think I’ve been relatively quiet all over the web. Why is that? There’s nothing mysterious going on, really. I’ve just been very busy over the last few months, with some old and some new projects and also trying to break into some hitherto uncharted employment opportunities as a freelancer. What time I’ve had aside from that was mostly focused on my podcast The Private Citizen and keeping that show’s schedule of one release a week, which I’ve managed to do with almost no delays.

Aside from that, personal life has kept me pretty busy. My T4 is rusting away under my ass and I’ve been trying to stem the tide of corruption. I’m regularly running and keeping busy with kickboxing exercises to keep the shape I’ve managed to get myself into over the past year and to gain some muscle mass as well. And I’m visiting grandma every week to keep the severe psychological impact of the lockdown situation at bay. Since my wife’s also incredibly busy with her career and I, unlike her, have the luxury of working from home, I’ve also given my best to lighten the load and get as much housework done on the side as possible.

As you can tell, there’s a lot going on. And one of the downsides of being your own boss is that you have to organise everything in your life for yourself; nobody organises anything for you. If you’ve only ever been employed, this is a strain on personal resources that you probably will not understand until you’re in the same situation yourself. Not that I want to complain, really. I’m just trying to explain why some projects get left by the wayside or put on hold for a while.

Anyway, I am hopeful that from next week onwards, things will be a bit more easily plannable for me. And I will try to give blog updates on what I’m up to at more regular intervals again. Over the next few days, I’m planning to start with a series of posts about some of the things I’ve gotten done over the last few months that I haven’t gotten around to writing about.

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