Skreeee!!! The goblins are here! Cower in fear!

Well, this is pretty amazing! I’ve reached the Gold tier in Magic The Gathering Arena with my Mono-Red Goblins deck. It’s been touch-and-go for a while and I wasn’t sure the gobbos had it in them, but they did! I’ve played 63 Best-of-One ranked matches to get there. Of those 63 matches, there was 1 draw, 31 wins and 31 losses. So an exact win rate of 50%. Not stellar, but also not bad for a cheap deck full of dumb gobbos.

Mono-Red Goblins

4 Fireblade Charger
4 Goblin Javelineer
4 Frost Bite
4 Battle Cry Goblin
4 Hobgoblin Captain
4 Roil Eruption
4 Hobgoblin Bandit Lord
4 Hulking Bugbear
4 You See a Pair of Goblins
1 Goblin Trashmaster

4 Faceless Haven
19 Snow-Covered Mountain

Since I just took up Magic again and I’ve missed a couple of expansions, I needed a deck I could cheaply acquire with wildcards. As I love aggro decks, and especially red aggro decks, this deck seemed perfect. And while it’s not exactly competitive, after those 60+ games and reaching the gold ranks, I feel it is competitive enough to have some fun playing ranked MTGA.

If you, like me, are looking to get back into the game before Neon Dynasty drops and you need something cheap for the current meta, I can wholeheartedly recommend the gobbos. Skreeee!!! (Is that how a goblin battle cry sounds? I imagine that’s how a Goblin battle cry sounds.)

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