I’m flying my Grumman Goose up to the North Cape in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator!

This post belongs to my Microsoft Flight Simulator North Cape adventure series: Part 1, Part 2

After spending a lot of time flying the X Cub to learn the ropes in Microsoft Flight Simulator, I’ve recently graduated to the Grumman G-21 Goose, which has been one of my favourite planes ever since I watched TaleSpin as a kid. I love this plane. And after getting to know it and figuring out a few basics things, I’ve now set myself the mission to fly it from my home in Germany to the North Cape and back again. I did that journey on the motorbike last year and it’s beautiful, so I thought it would be a nice trip to do in MSFS as well. It’ll be very dark up there at this time of the year, but maybe I’ll finally see some Northern Lights!

I started my journey at my local airport of Schwarze Heide (EDLD), which incidentally is the home of the Extra 300S acrobatic plane. From there, I flew straight west, over the Dutch border, towards Zeeland.

I used to spend many holidays at Burgh-Haamstede on the island of Schrouwen-Duiveland, so I thought it would make a nice first stop. After flying over the Delta Works dam (the Oosterscheldekering) next to Burgh, I landed on the North Sea just off the beach at the seaside holiday town of Renesse.

I then took off again to fly north over Goeree-Overflakkee towards Rotterdam. After passing the airport on my left and turning around, I touched down on runway 24 at Rotterdam The Hague Airport (EHRD).

The whole flight took me 1 hour and 47 minutes. Here’s the flight log for the first part of my North Cape journey:

I’ll report my further Goose adventures here on the blog.