It took a while for the idiocy of Musk to resurface after he, for once, did something good in the world. But now, he‘s gone and killed the Twitter Files project because of a competing social network feature that will never take off… Or, as Taibbi puts it in his inimitable way:

„I’ve done a lot of drugs and can’t remember ever reaching that level of paranoia.“

I also think Taibbi is right in stopping to use Twitter. They censored visibility filtered me too, so I should really try to do the same thing.

It’s not personal. I just can’t drive traffic for any site that’s censored me. These companies depend on our content to make money, and for years we’ve been rewarding all their dicking around with engagement and reality by handing them more eyeballs to sell. Frankly if all accounts walked away in these situations, the platforms would have to cut this nonsense out pretty quickly.

Meet the Censored: Me?, Racket News