In case you ever find yourself in the Charybdis system in Starfield, because you followed a distress signal and are now on a mission called “Operation Starseed”, here’s some info I wish I had when starting that mission:

During that mission, there might come a point when you side with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and you have to kill some other leaders. If this happens, only kill those other leaders, not the random colonists shooting at you. If you kill even one of them, the whole settlement will go hostile after your post-battle talk with FDR. This is because you now have a bounty in that settlement. You can solve that issue by entering the following console command when they all go hostile: player.paycrimegold 0 0 00299F72

Be aware that the console is only available on PC. It can be activated by pressing the ~ key. Also, if you use that command, your saves will be classified as “modded” which means you won’t be able to get any achievements on those saves anymore.