So, this morning, I was playing the Jumpstart event for the Lord of the Rings set on MTG Arena. This is the deck that it gave me. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sauron’s Breakfast.

Yes. It plays as dumb as it sounds.

Sauron's Breakfast

Gollum's Bite
Haunt of the Dead Marshes
Shelob's Ambush

Nimble Hobbit
Samwise the Stouthearted
Took Reaper
Easterling Vanguard
Gollum, Patient Plotter
March from the Black Gate

Eastfarthing Farmer
Fog on the Barrow-Downs
Rosie Cotton of South Lane
Second Breakfast
The Battle of Bywater
Dunland Crebain
Mordor Trebuchet
Claim the Precious

Bill the Pony
Protector of Gondor
Grond, the Gatebreaker

Sauron, the Necromancer

Eagles of the North
Troll of Khazad-dûm

7 Plains
7 Swamp
2 Scoured Barrens