I’ve recently bought a Miyoo Mini Plus, a small handheld that runs Linux and emulates several gaming consoles, including the Game Boy, NES, SNES and classic arcades. There’s great open source firmware for it, that I immediately put on mine. I bought this device primarily because it can run PICO-8 carts and thus allows me to test the game I am developing.

But, since the thing also plays Game Boy games — and magnificently so, being just the right form factor and shipping with all the fancy RetroArch video filters and such — I decided it was high time I replayed Final Fantasy Adventure (or Mystic Quest, as it is called here in Europe). Fun fact: That game motivated me to learn English back in school, as there was no German version. It’s probably the main reason I speak English at all.

Through all of this, I also discovered a very cool website that allows you to collect crowdsourced achievements for old games. It works perfectly with the Miyoo Mini, so here’s my first two achievements in Mystic Quest:

Fall to Earth (RA #28942)
"Escape from the Glaive Empire"

Damsel in Distress (RA #28943)
“Rescue the girl”