In the second round of Split A of the first FML season, MegaSlippers has solidified his lead by beating me handily.

In round 2 of the first split of our Magic Arena league, MegaSlippers has beaten me 2 - 1 to solidify his position at the top of the standings. I knew from the start that I had a bad matchup with his deck and it did turn out to be true, especially since he was piloting his deck well and didn’t make any big mistakes. I only won that one game because he got unlucky with his draw. You can watch a recording of our games here:

Jonathan (false) has also streamed his match against SparrowHawk and a recording of it can be found on his Twitch channel. The current league standings are as follows:

  1. MegaSlippers (6 Points, GW 80%)
  2. false (6 Points, GW 80%)
  3. igwigg (3 Points, GW 50%)
  4. fabsh (3 Points, GW 50%)
  5. SparrowHawk (0 Points, GW 20%)
  6. tamesidesmurf (0 Points, GW 20%)

GW = Game Win Percentage

In the last round of Split A, I will now have to face igwigg which is shaping up to be a great match. He’s playing Mono-Red Aggro which, when paired against my Mono-Black Aggro list, should make for some very interesting – and fast! – games. Additionally, Jonathan and Slippers will battle it out for the top spot. Let’s see who can take the crown in Split A!

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