One step closer to the dream: Make a living from podcasting and streaming.

With Morning Call taking off, I’ve been streaming on Twitch every weekday morning since 4 January. People seem to have been enjoying the show, too. So much so, that I’ve blown through the prerequisite follower goals and have now been accepted as a Twitch Affiliate. This means you can now subscribe to my channel (including with your free Twitch Prime sub) and help pay my bills. My goal is to eventually earn some money on the side with this; to enable me to spend more time creating free content for everyone. As a bonus, subscribers will get an excellent emote to spam the chat with.

I do not want you to feel pressured to sub, though. The stuff I am doing on there should be free. But if you sub, rest assured that it is very much appreciated. It might eventually mean that I need to get fewer freelancer jobs and can allocate more time to do podcasts and streams. Maybe, one day, I can do it full time. I’ve been dreaming of that since 2006 and haven’t given up hope yet.

Since YouTube took away my ability to earn money via the Sixgun Productions YouTube channel, the Affiliate invitation from Twitch means a lot to me. All my streams will still be exported to YouTube once they have ended, though, and maybe I can also climb my way back into the YouTube Partner Program. We will see. For now, I’m pretty happy with where things are going. So… see you tomorrow morning on Twitch!

Header image credit: Tim Mossholder