Why electronic voting is a very bad idea.

In the second episode of my new podcast The Private Citizen, I cover electronic voting. With the US Presidential Election coming up this year, voting machines are once again a huge topic and I’m constantly amazed that all the pundits are predicting the election will be hacked (Russians!1) but that none of them mentions the obvious elephant in the room that would enable such hacking. The electronic voting machines currently in use in the US (and other countries as well) are all hideously unsafe. Even worse: There is absolutely no logical reason that we are using them at all.

In this episode, I cover the technology behind electronic voting machines, why they can never be as safe as paper and the politics that are at play. But don’t believe me, believe the experts. I have clips of a leading specialist in the field saying what he thinks and copious notes pointing to past and present research. Read the notes and listen to the episode here:

The Private Citizen 2: Electronic Voting is a Threat to Democracy

While voting isn’t strictly a privacy-related matter, it is very important for every citizen and I think this topic is crucial for anyone interested in technology and its impact on our society. After all, if you don’t have confidence in your vote, how can you change the world around you when it comes to privacy matters?

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