As usual, I’ve kept quite busy over the last few weeks. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

As loyal readers of my blog will have noticed, there hasn’t been much happening here in a while. Over the last few weeks, I have been very busy both with work and with play. I’ve been getting some very boring organisational stuff done that I can’t push off any further, as well as handling some urgent writing assignments that have come up out of nowhere. On the side, I’ve been trying to train a machine learning model to recognise my handwriting, which has had some ups and downs that I want to write about at some point, I think.

This is why my podcast as well as my writing on this blog and on the newsletter have suffered. Another reason why I haven’t had much time for these is that I’ve been travelling a lot for pleasure. Today, I’m actually seeing Sabaton for the third time in a month (with various friends in various places) and as part of that I also had a very nice trip to Copenhagen, where, among many other activities, friends of mine took some amazing photos of me that I’ll be sharing on this blog in the near future.

Seeing Sabaton at Royal Arena in Copenhagen

My various trips, and much of my spare time recently in general, have involved a lot of bouldering. Climbing together with friends in Copenhagen was really fun and has improved my skills significantly. I’ve also recently graduated from going climbing once a week at the same gym to climbing multiple times a week at many different gyms. I am trying to stay active to offset all the time I’m spending at my desk and behind the wheel and it’s actually working quite well for me at the moment.

Anyway, all that is to explain that I’m very busy but that I’m also having a great time nonetheless. Things should settle down a bit for the next few weeks, before I’m entering another busy time that’ll include finally seeing Springsteen live in concert again. One of these concerts is going to be on the F1 track in Monza and I’m very excited to finally see Bruce live in Italy – as those concerts are always legendary.

I’m planning to use the time in between now and the next busy period to get some work done on the podcast and to write some things for the blog and the newsletter as well. If you were waiting for me to do either of these things, thanks for your patience!