As a long-overdue follow-up to my first PICO-8 game recommendation, I want to recommend one of the most impressive games ever to be made for the platform: Paul Nicholas' remake of the classic RTS game Dune II (which famously started the RTS craze in the ’90s). It is called UnDUNE II and it’s a so-called multi-cart game, meaning it utilises several cartridges that are daisy-chained and together make up the whole program. When you start playing, you’ll quickly figure out why this is needed. It is amazing that Paul managed to fit a full RTS game into PICO-8’s stringent limitations, even with this trick.

UnDUNE II is a faithful recreation of the original and includes almost all of its features. I’ve included a copy of the initial cart here, but to play the full game, you need all of the carts. You can get PICO-8 carts as well as stand-alone versions of the game on for free. But I would advise you to donate something to honour Paul’s efforts. He worked on this game for years and it is truly a monumental achievement of the PICO-8 world!