As I’ve recently played around with coding games for PICO-8 again, I’ve also been playing a lot of games other people made for the platform to learn about programming techniques and tricks other developers have used. While doing this, it has occurred to me, that I might as well start sharing some of the amazing games for this platform on my blog, so that other people can learn about them, too.

As a start, I would like to tell you about probably the most famous PICO-8 game: The hardcore platformer Celeste. The version most people know was built with Microsoft’s XNA, but the original version of the game, now called Celeste Classic, was a PICO-8 game. If you own a copy of PICO-8, you can load the following cart to play the game. Just download the PNG, put it into the carts folder of PICO-8 and run: load celeste.p8.png


If you don’t own a copy of PICO-8, you can play the game online here.