Sick of Coronavirus news? Haven’t listened to older episodes of The Private Citizen? How about this idea, then?

Continuing my catch-up of recent episodes of The Private Citizen I haven’t blogged about, I want to direct your attention to episode 5 today, which I released after coming back from my Cape Verde holiday at the very end of February (when we were still allowed to leave the house and even the country).

The Private Citizen 5: Google is Moving UK User Data to the US

In that episode, I looked at the news that Google is moving its UK customer data from the Republic of Ireland to the US to evade the EU’s privacy laws. I answered the questions of what that means, in concrete terms, to Google users in the UK and if the GDPR still applies to them.

This is a very important topic for people in the UK, but alas, one I fear that’s now being forgotten over the current COVID-19 scare. Maybe especially because of that it’s worth going back to listen to this episode if you haven’t done so already. It might also be pleasant for the listeners who told me they depend on their podcasts now more than ever and prefer episodes that don’t deal with the Coronavirus situation, like the two most recent Private Citizen episodes do.

If you enjoy the show and if you think you derive some value from it, please consider supporting it. Otherwise, simply enjoy it. And of course, consider giving me feedback on the episode. I appreciate all of this very much.