Against all technical odds, I’ve completed Cyberpunk 2077 live on stream over the weekend.

After roughly 47 hours played on stream, I finished Cyberpunk 2077 last night. I hadn’t expected to finish it over the weekend, but I reached the Point of No Return on Saturday night and then quickly ran out of side missions to do. As it turns out, I’d reached the Point of No Return in my first review playthrough of the game as well, but did not notice because I never started the final mission chain. In both playthroughs together, I have racked up well over a hundred hours in the game now. I’m far from having discovered all locations and things to do on the map, but I did all the main and companion missions and all the gigs and side jobs I could be bothered with. It’s all recorded in this YouTube playlist, starting with my initial 12-hour-stream:

I love this game very much. Especially the story. But streaming it, with all its hardware issues and glitches, got really on my nerves by the end. I’m happy to leave it behind for a while. I will probably return to Night City at some point, but for now I’m happy to wait for CD Projekt to fix the most glaring problems with the game before I do so.

After having played pretty much all of it, I have some more thoughts on the game and I plan to amend my initial review with some more writing later in the week. Stay tuned for that. It will probably appear in my newsletter first and then, as usual, make its way onto the blog.

My next project, I have decided, is to stream the whole Witcher series, starting with the original game from 2007 – which, at this point, is basically a retro game. But I am looking forward to something that won’t completely drive my PC hardware to the point of liquefying while I try to stream it. Playing all three of these games in order is definitely a monumental undertaking, but I’m looking forward to it. I also thought it’s a nice way to set my Twitch channel apart from everyone else who simply played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my time in Night City and I’ll hopefully see you in Vizima!