Country is the New Punk

Country music singers are the only artists speaking truth to power right now, it seems.
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Holy shit! The soundtrack of one of my favourite games, Disco Elysium, is finally on Spotify! I have no idea when that happened, because as I already own that soundtrack, I didn’t check regularly. But I am so glad more people have access to this wonderful album by British Sea Power1 now.

  1. They renamed themselves Sea Power in 2021, but just like with Prince or the Dixie Chicks, I refuse to acquiesce to this kind of stupidity. ↩︎


Dave Hause & The Mermaid in Cologne

Dave Hause and his band The Mermaid delivered an excellent set last night at Die Kantine in Cologne. Stuff like this is why we go to see live music.
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I’ve just discovered Hildegard von Blingin'. Her stuff is amazing! It starts with the name, but it’s the complete package. Her singing is great and the lyrics are probably the best part. Her pseudo-Medieval style makes even the most boring pop songs interesting.

Check it out!


So I’m listening to this cover by the principal composer of the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack (P. T. Adamczyk) of a song from that very soundtrack (Never Fade Away by SAMURAI, Keanu Reeves' fictional band in the game) and I’m thinking to myself: This could literally be a Bond title song.

I saw in you what life was missing
You lit a flame that consumed my hate
I’m not one for reminiscing but
I’d trade it all for your sweet embrace

Down to the lyrics and the actual title of the song.

There’s a canvas with two faces
Of fallen angels who loved and lost
It was a passion for the ages
And in the end, guess we paid the cost

Just imagine it… 007: Never Fade Away.

I see your eyes, I know you see me
You’re like a ghost how you’re everywhere
I am your demon never leaving
A metal soul of rage and fear

It would totally work.


Here’s more of the Cyberpunk 2077 music on Spotify:


I also made a playlist for the music of SAMURAI, Keanu Reeves' fictional band in the game, which is portrayed by the Swedish punk band Refused:


I really dig the music in Cyberpunk 2077. The first parts of the soundtrack have now started to crop up on Spotify. Well worth a listen:


Springsteen’s new album Letter To You is out. I’d missed it because I’ve been pretty busy. I’m not completely sure what to think of it yet. Well aside from what a shame it is that we have an E Street album and there’s no way for the boys to go on tour with it.

What I can say is that the Song for Orphans is an instant classic. Probably because it was originally written for Born to Run.

Now don’t you grow on empty legends or lonely cradle songs
Billy the Kid was just a bowery boy who made a living twirling his guns
The night she’s long and lanky and she speaks in a mother tongue
She lullabies the refugees with an amplifier’s hum

So break me now big Mama as Old Faithful breaks the day
Believe me my good Linda, the aurora will shine the way
The Confederacy’s in my name now, the hounds are held at bay
The axis needs a stronger arm, do you feel your muscles play


Sounds like Van Morrison has had enough. Good on the man! Let’s put our shoulders to the wheel.