Game Development with PICO-8, Part 2

Continuing my quest to make my very own video game.
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I’m trying to continue work on my PICO-8 submarine simulator at the moment and I’ve reached a point where what I want to do definitely outstrips my grip on programming. I still really want to do it, though. If you can help, or know somebody who can, I would appreciate it very much!

→ Lexaloffle BBS: How do I rotate my game world and keep track of enemies?


A Walk in Gemini Space

Want to try something new? How about an alternative protocol to put sites on the Internet, completely separate from the World Wide Web as we know it?
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Operation «Lion Upgrade»

You might have been wondering why you haven’t heard much from me for a week or so. That’s because I took some days off to upgrade my PC. Here’s the result.
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Enter the Matrix

Playing around with Matrix and Element.
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Game Development with PICO-8

I’ve started writing a video game! And this virtual console thing I’ve discovered is actually making that less hard than it sounds.
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Collecting some links on getting Webmentions to work with Hugo and Netlify.

  1. Evgeny Kuznetsov — To the Un-Known!
  2. Bridgy Fed
  3. Max Böck — Static Indieweb pt1: Syndicating Content
  4. Max Böck — Static Indieweb pt2: Using Webmentions
  6. Documentation — How to integrate with Netlify

Now on Netlify

I’ve migrated this site over to Netlify and we’re now deploying automatically with each git commit. Which is quite spiffy.
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