A welcome to this publication

This is an archived issue of my newsletter The Sleepy Fox from 11 November 2022. If you want to receive new issues as they are released, you can sign up for delivery to your inbox here.

Header image: My desk this morning

Welcome to The Sleepy Fox, a newsletter about politics, technology and the media from a jaded veteran of the journalism industry. Here, I am trying to publish daily observations and interesting stories that cross my desk. If possible, I will try to do this in the mornings. Although what constitutes “in the mornings” for a nighthawk like me might not necessarily conform with everyone’s expectations. Some issues might also get published late at night instead.

The motto of this publication is “dare to think for yourself and always ask the next question”, refering both to the famous philosophical catch phrase of the Age of Enlightenment as well as the lesser known credo of Theodore Sturgeon. I will give my best to do both ideas justice here.

These letters will be written from a very personal viewpoint and as such reflect my own, often contrarian opinions. Working for myself, I am not beholden to any interests other than my own and those of my readers and therefore this perspective is a truly independent one.

The Sleepy Fox is not my first attempt at writing a daily newsletter and I know that this kind of thing is an enormous undertaking. But I am filled with an unquenchable desire to force myself to publish something useful every single day and I hope that it will overcome the forces of entropy that have consumed all previous attempts at this kind of thing.

If you want to support my work, please consider subscribing and sharing issues you enjoy or find interesting with friends and colleagues. I would be glad to have you along for the ride and hope to hear from you in response to my writings.