Newsletter writing on the edge of tomorrow

I’ve decided to rename my newsletter to Edgerunner Magazine. From now on, it can also be found under I’ve done this to give this newsletter a clearer profile, embodied by its new tagline:

Tech news, politics, video games and journalism critique on the edge of tomorrow

I want to reflect that my articles do not solely centre on tech news any more. In fact, as you might have noticed, I’ve tried to write feature length articles on a wide variety of topics that interest me. A magazine approach, if you will. Of course, I’ll still comment on tech news and on the political developments of the day that intersect with it. But I also want to do more video games writing and maybe one or two new, crazy things – we will see.

I’m still experimenting with editing a newsletter. After all, this publication has already involved from a daily newsletter to its current form and went through a number of name changes on the way. This is just the latest incarnation of one big project that I’m continually fine-tuning to make it the best it can be: A regular source of insightful, entertaining writing that hopefully makes you think.

If you are already subscribed, all is well, not much will change. If you have no idea what the fuss is about, but are interested in my writings, you can subscribe (totally free of charge) by going to this page.

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