Gobbos Go for Gold

Skreeee!!! The goblins are here! Cower in fear!
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Back to Magic in 2022?

I might be getting back into Magic The Gathering after all.
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Face Masks in Magic The Gathering

Apparently, there’s a virus going around on the plane of Zendikar, too.
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Ok, now this is hilarious! There is a company out there that’s currently being hyped by Magic The Gathering content creators and the like, called Mythic Markets. They say they are geeks and fans like us. They say they want to give us the opportunity to buy fractions of pop culture collectibles that we otherwise couldn’t afford. Like an Alpha Black Lotus.

What are they actually doing? Running a fan club. And selling virtual shares of things normal people can’t afford to people who can actually afford them. You actually have to be able to afford an actual Black Lotus to legally buy this crap. Except you’re not even buying stuff. You don’t own anything! Unbelievable.


1480 Matches Later

Want to know how many booster packs I’ve cracked in a year of playing Magic The Gathering Arena? Well, you’re in luck since Wizards has just sent me my personal stats for the game.
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Cube Forge

I’ve come up with this crazy idea to combine Magic The Gathering and KeyForge…
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Red Deck Wins

An introduction to the kind of decks I’ve been playing in Magic The Gathering.
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Back from the Brink

I am returning to Magic: The Gathering, after I’ve been away for twenty years.
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